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Current Issue

Mar/Apr 2017


  • A Day in the Park With John Regan
  • My "First" Not NPFF Elkhorn Race
  • 8th Annual Not-NPFF Race “The Jess Cup” - 2017 CLASS WINNERS
  • Not "NPFF" Race Scenes
  • John Mello Message about the 2017 NPFF
  • 2017 NPFF Winners
  • Foamies are your Fun Friends
  • Proposed BWA By Law Changes
  • Off The Cuff
  • Eddy Lines of Interest
  • BWA 40th Celebration Announcement








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Bowlines is a bimonthly newsletter of the Bluegrass Wildwater Association. Bowlines has been a unique record of the BWA and its members for the past 30 years. Unique in that it has been more than a listing of club activities and general information about paddling and related issues. When you read Bowlines you read about each of us and what we thought and did over the years. Members have contributed articles not only about paddling, conservation, and the club, but also stories crafted with humor, imagination, as well as the spirit of enthusiasm for our paddling life and enjoyment of each other. There have been songs, poems, soap operas, jokes, cartoons, wedding or birth announcements, and of course, unique trip reports. Not what you might think you would see in a whitewater club newsletter!


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